Mar 242012

This is my last post for today and as announced previously it is a huge freebie in form of the latest mixtape by tsnm. And i can´t imagine to close a day of blogging on Saturdays better, since this one will definitely put you in the best mood for heading out today! And for my part i will do extensively tonight and therefore not be here on Monday most likely, such being the case Zak will take over. But let´s focus now on this awesome mixtape “No Excuses Vol.24” by tsnm which is a killer mixtape indeed! And it´s not only the fact that the majority of the tracks he´s chosen have been featured here already, although this leads of course to some extra credits, but also the whole compilation considering the order and the mixing is done excellently! Amongst others there are tracks or remixes by Hack The System, Nation, Belzebass, Knooper, Mechanical Resistance, Access Denied or Dead Cat Bounce just to name a few of them and to give you a first taste, but best you check this mixtape out right now, crank up your speakers, grab your copy and enjoy your weekend!!!


01. Hack The System - Faithless (Original Mix)
02. Whoppers - Rape (Original Mix)
03. Nation - Conquest (Original Mix)
04. The Sexinvaders - Metropolis (Fukkk Offf Remix)
05. Decepticons - This is Our Army (Original Mix)
06. Belzebass - Sweet Apocalypse (Original Mix)
07. Cosmic Sand - Deadly Even After (Knooper! Remix)
08. Rocket - Suicide in Venice (Mechanical Resistance Remix)
09. NaDaDrop - Happy Krew is Back (Original Mix)
10. Hack The System - French Touch Culture (Original Mix)
11. Asdek & Enjoy Me - Utopia (Original Mix)
12. Access Denied - Lust for Life (Original Mix)
13. Skorby - Happy Nightmares (Nation Remix)
14. Wolfgang Gartner - There And Back (Dead Cat Bounce Remix)
15. David Hiller - Atom Smasher (Original Mix)
16. Mord Fustang - Super Fever (Original Mix)
17. Electrixx - Cyclus (Original Mix)
18. Bingo Players - L'Amour (Original Mix)
19. Steve Aoki, Wynter Gordon - Ladi Dadi (Autoerotique Remix)