Mar 142012

This will be my last post for the day and the series of the cursed mixtapes KP†RKRNK is coming up with for Metalectro every Tuesday and Friday the 13th continue with the 4th volume of these horror mixes! This one came a day late, it was supposed to be blogged yesterday but i dind’t get to post anything unfortunately but in case any of you were looking for it and were wxpetingit, here it is! 53 minutes of ganging electro and those of you who like your electro filthy and hard this for you! Featuring some great tracks for all those superstitious “black cat” pet owners who worship the number 13 and this is how i will close todays posts! HAve a great Wednesday evening wherever you are and whatever you do and don’t forget to come back here for more banging electro tomorrow!


Track list:
1. Raging Raven - Devils Guitar
2. Phantom Noise - Shut the Fuck up!
3. Raupe - Black Paper
4. Leiden - Adramelech
5. Partysmartie - Panzerfaust
6. Hypomaniacs - Breach
7. Pelussje - Blue Demon
8. Snapcrack - Won`t Hold Back (Silent H! remix)
9. Owl Vision - Moloch (Vengeace remix)
10. Partysmartie - Suicide By Cop
11. Marilyn Manson - This is the new Shit (The Slutgarden remix)
12. Komander Keen - Toxoplasma
13. My Gift to you - Under Pressure (Dave Scorp remix)