Neorev – Wildfire (NR’s Reign Of Fire Mix)

I will go on with a track by a name that has only been featured here once before, the USA based Neorev who just recently uploaded this new version of his track “Wildfire” on his Soundcloud page. Call it a VIP version, a rework, an alternative mix, all of these terms apply and are all correct. Neorev himself decided to call it “Reign Of Fire” mix and i can perfectly understand why as well having listened to the original mix as well. A much harder, darker and energised vresion and definitely an improved one as well imo, in which Neorev took a dubstep track and tranformed it into a filthy breakstep/drum & bass baby monster. Rough and noisy i personally quite enjoyed this new version of “Wildfire” and i certainly hope you will enjoy it too! So, here it comes, check it out!