Dec 302012

Hell-o all and i hope you had a great weekend! As we have already announced a while ago and therefore expected, we have some news for you as we have finally decided and picked our final winners whose tracks will be featured on the Metalectro Vol.03 “Hellbound” Compilation, out soon on Jet Set Trash! Before we proceed to announcing the winners though, we have some extra good news for you, since we have also decided that the final winners and tracks will be 13 and not 10, like we had initially announced. It was impossible to pick just 10 tracks as there were way too many good entries and so we thought we would add 3 more tracks on the release! So, without any further delay, here are the 13 winners of the Metalecrto Vol.03 “Original Track Contest” and they are…

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Dec 202012

Doomsday is upon us only in a few hours and in case you’re wondering if you’re ending up in heaven or hell, let me tell you we’re all “Hellbound”! That’s how we like it and it fits our style and sound! Also, “Hellbound” is the title of the Metalectro Vol.03 forthcoming Compilation on Jet Set Trash, for which we have some results to announce! 23 tracks have made it through the 1st selection round and for those of you who have been anxious to find out which entries advance to the 2nd and final round, the wait is over! Here are the 23 picks (in no particular order)!!!

BitRedux, Leiden, Eris, Moondroid, Hypomaniacs, Skacco, Superwet, Beatbender, Raupe, Hijack Da Bass, Dies Irae, Laforcah, Ferd, I Am Noize & This Is Gin, GoldenGun, Oxylice, Raging Raven, Knooper, Flesh, Thermaltake, Patient Zero, Dusty Dukes, The Slaughters

***In addition, we have decided to give to all of you who made it through to the 2nd round a chance to improve and make any minor adjustments to your tracks and final mix/masters! Please make sure you have finished with any adjustements and have emailed the new tracks in WAV [16bit, 44100KHz] (if you decide to make any changes) in the email address given in the Contest Rules BEFORE the 26th of December (Wednesday)!!!***

A huge thank you to Andy’s iLL, aUtOdiDakT, Geometry, La Musique D’Ordinateur, Q.G. and WASA3I for making this contest so huge with their samples and track picks and of course to all of you who participated with your entries and supported the contest by sharing it and spreading the word! Love you all!!!

So, that’s all for now from us, in case you haven’t yet done so, check the entries below, spread the news and stay tuned for the final results which should be announced on Sunday the 30th of December!!!

Nov 052012

As promised, here we come with some big birthday news and well, the launch of the “Metalectro Vol.03 Original Track Contest”!!! The time has come once again for Metalectro to raise hell, as the final 10 winning tracks of the contest will be featured on the Metalectro Vol.03 Compilation, to be released on Jet Set Trash! This time we teamed up with 6 artists who provided us with some killer “sample packs”, out of which you will be asked to produce an original track. The final track will be released as collaboration between you and the artist(s) whose sounds you have used. In case you are wondering who are the artists we teamed up with, have a read below:

Andy’s iLL, aUtOdiDakT, Geometry, La Musique D’Ordinateur, Q.G. and WASA3I!!!

Besides providing their “sample packs”, the above artists will also be part of the judging panel as “special guest judges”. As for the rest of the judging panel, your usual suspects will be filling the gaps with Metalectro’s most destructive blogging duo Zak Electrohead Kilmister and Hannakiri Hellectro, as well as Jet Set Trash of course, who will be responsible for the release of the Metalectro Vol.03 Compilation. So, before you grab those “sample packs” and get started, check out the Contest Soundcloud Group (where you can also find the link to download the “sample packs” provided) and make sure you read the Contest Rules and Terms & Conditions and follow them!!!

That’s all from us, get creative and get LOUD!!!

Best of luck, you may now begin!!!

Aug 222012

Next i have some news for you and actually they’re quite evil, so get ready! In case you haven’t found out yet, the one and only KillerKing, Wasa3i, is launching today a remix contest for his upcoming “KillerKing” 2.0 release, to be out this winter. The “KillerKing” 2.0 Remix Contest is a collaboration between Wasa3i, Metalectro, ElectroItalia and Wastechester and it will run from today until the 15th of October 2012, when the winner(s) will be announced. The contest is already open for submissions and the deadline for any track submissions is the September 23rd. A voting process will then take place (starting on September the 24th and lasting until the October 1st). So, don’t wait, go grab the stems and join the dark legion! For more info, stems and all the contest rules and details follow the links below!

Below you can check the original version of “KillerKing”


Good luck to all, you may now begin and may the dark forces of digital hell be with you!!!

Aug 062012

As promised, here are the 4 finalists for the Determinators “Devil Biscuit” Remix Contest that Metalectro was running over the last month in collaboration with Jet Set Trash. The 4 judges have finally picked their 4 favorite remixes and therefore the 2nd round, a week long voting process, can now begin. The voting process will start as of now and will last for 1 week (until the 13th of August). The remix with the most votes at the end of the 2nd round will be released on the Determinators “A Byte Of The New Ultra” EP, alongside 4 original tracks plus remixes by Zardonic, Brummer Musik and Tim Tonik. So, without any further delay here are the 4 finalists and their remixes. Check them out, spread the word and vote for your favorite remix here!

Determinators – Devil Biscuit (CrazyM.T. Remix)


Determinators – Devil Biscuit (Gekko Remix)


Determinators – Devil Biscuit (Automakids Remix)


Determinators – Devil Biscuit (STRNGR Remix)


Aug 042012

Next i have something that goes to all you guyz who love hard stuff! The next DJ Antention release comes at 28th September and he will do a remix contest for his new EP. There will be sadly only one remix-contest winner but the lucky one get a place into the official DJ ANTENTION release in September on Freakz Me Out – so hurry up and build a massive bomb! The deadline for your remixes is the 24th of August. Send your remixes to: or as mp3 attachment or as download link. Get the remix stems-download-package here: & check FMO´s page as well:
Good luck to y´all!!!

Jul 022012

Since the football frenzy that overtook Europe lately seems to be over, we decided to keep you all in a competitive mood and so we have a new Remix Contest for all you creative maniacs! Determinators in collaboration with Jet Set Trash and Metalectro bring you the “Devil Biscuit” remix contest! “Devil Biscuit” will be released this August on Jet Set Trash on the Determinators “A Byte Of The New Ultra” EP, alongside 4 original tracks plus remixes by Zardonic, Brummer Musik and Tim Tonik! Please check the prizes and rules below before you grab the stems and begin blasting us all away!

/// PRIZES ///


The 1 and only winning remix of this contest will be featured on the “A Byte Of The New Ultra” EP, to be released on Jet Set Trash this August. Also, the winner of this contest will be considered for an EP release on Jet Set Trash.

The 3 runner up remixes that will make it to the final round of this contest but not be the final winner will be given away as a free EP on the Jet Set Trash Soundcloud and Facebook Pages on the EP release date.

/// RULES ///


The DEADLINE for all track submissions is the 1st of August 2012. No track submissions will be accepted after that date.

1 track per artist, no restrictions on style.

Please DO NOT ENABLE THE FREE DOWNLOAD on your tracks until the results of this contest have been announced or the track will not be considered as a valid entry.

The TITLE FORMAT of all track submissions should be as shown below:

Determinators – Devil Biscuit (Artist Name Remix) [Remix Competition]

All tracks must be submitted in the contest Soundlcoud Group.

SELECTION PROCESS: The winner remix will be selected in 2 rounds. In the 1st round the 4 contest judges, Jet Set Trash, Determinators and the the Metalectro crew will select their 4 favorite tracks. Then the 2nd round will commence, which will be a week long voting process on the Jet Set Trash Facebook Page and the remix with the most votes will be the final winner.

The results will be announced on the Jet Set Trash site and Facebook Page, as well as here and our Facebook Page in early-mid August.

Last but not least, please MAKE SURE to:

Add your EMAIL in the track description so we can contact you and a LINK to this remix contest.

The STEMS can be downloaded here:

You can listen to the ORIGINAL MIX below.


That’s all, get creative and good luck to all!!!

Mar 082012

As announced yesterday on the Jet Set Trash Facebook Page and earlier today on his blog, the results for the final 5 (1 winner + 4 runners up) remixes from the “Random Travel” Remix  Competition that FetOo and Jet Set Trash ran in collaboration with Metalectro would be announced very soon and the wait is finally over! Please note that the selection process was based upon a set of different criteria combinng creativity and production values and not just on the produciton or the idea/creativity.

The 1 winning remix will be released on FetOo‘s “Random Travel” EP, featuring 4 great original tracks and remixes by Silent H, Dave Scorp, 1ino1eum and Rubber Spanner, which will be out on Jet Set Trash this April. More on the release when we do have more details. Additionaly, the winner will aslo be considered for an EP/album release on Jet Set Trash during 2012.

The 4 runners up will be all put together and be given as a free download, on both Metalectro and Jet Set Trash, alongside the Dave Scorp alternative remix of FetOo‘s track “Where”, one of the 4 originals on the EP. So enough talking, it’s time for the 1 +4 selected remixes, who are:











Once again, thank you all for your participation in this competition!!!

Feb 212012

Next i have another original track and a nice remix contest for all of you remixers to check out! The Phat Crew are in collaboration with FutureFlashs & KIEZ BEATS running a remix contest on the track remix, their latest original track which also features Circe on the vocals. The track itself is very nice actually i have to say, great vocals and one of The Phat Crew‘s best producitons so far imo. The 2 winners of the contest will appear on The Phat Crew‘s forthcoming EP on FutureFlashs & KIEZ BEATS, featuring also remixes by Q.G. and another well known artist, who’s been kept secret for now. Check out the track below and follow this link for more info on the remix contest, stems and everything else you need to know abouit it! Good luck to all!!!

Feb 172012

As i´ve been to Who´s BADD? last week in Strasbourg i´ll now come up with a little review for you. First to mention is that it has probably been one of the coldest evening/nights i´ve experienced during the whole damn winter, but i think i took the best decision then in proceeding toward the place where digital hell was suposed to take place this night!
Therefore i traveled to Strasbourg to hear and experience an infernal night of hard, destructive electro. The venue where everything happened was actually more a small club/bar called L´Entrepôt. A pretty comfortable place with a nice interior and especially cool and kind staff and owner. Supported by Cover Your Face Crew the party started at around 10pm . First the music was a little bit too clubby or big beat related for my taste, but luckily Cover Your Face Crew soon started to advance and to drop the harder stuff as well! That’s when finally, and i must confess due to significantly large amounts alcohol consumption i had kind of lost track of the time, Hantise started to perform. The hometown boys from Strasbourg captivated the crowd at once playing nasty and trashy electro. From their remix of Anthony F´s “D.I.E.”, across The Bloody Beetroots, Fukkk Offf, Roevy, Q.G. , ValyMo, to their own track “Despotic Freak Show” – they covered really almost everything a hard electro lover could expect! I think they performed at least 1,5 hours, maybe longer, having a look at the time was unimportant anyway.
Directly after Hantise´s set the Killer King himself, WASA3I started to play his infernal set. As being an eyecatcher and equipped with his new mask, he nailed down everybody´s attention anyway but most impressive was the way he enforced his evil musical spell upon the crowd. Definitely a great performer and a dj who’s suprisingly eclectic!
The tracks he chose covered a wide range from his own releases like “Killer King” ,which was of course the opening track, to Audiomachine (Access Denied Remix), Wolfgang Gartner, Knife Party, Redial and to Metallica´s “And Justice For All”, the last track of his set. The transitions from track to track speak volumes for his skills, i remember, or better said i luckily wrote it down, he dropped Haezer´s “Joey Bloom” directly after the remix of Dead Cat Bounce´s & You Killing Me´s “Justice” by A.G. Trio. Two of my favourites, but also quite different tracks, and i suppose not easy to mix, therefore big ups!
Overall a perfect evening for me in a every respect, both Hantise and WASA3I satisfied all my expectations and i highly recommend each of them performing live! Even better of course seeing them both in one evening! Again a huge thanks to everybody who was involved in this apocalyptic-awesome evening, it was a fucking blast!!!