Feb 142015

Dope DODFor some of you it might be old news (or even ancient history) but with the Dope D.O.D. new “The Ugly” EP coming up and going already on presale on the trio’s online store we thought it could be of interest to some you bassheads to know that Black Sun Empire have also contributed in Dope D.O.D.‘s new release. Yes, you read that right, the Drum & Bass heavyweight trio is responsible for the deep, dark and heavy production of “Boiling Point” and if that’s not a promising combination of names then we don’t know what is. Of course don’t expect any classic Black Sun Empire Drum & Bass madness on “Boiling Point” but rather a Dope D.O.D. track with a Black Sun Empire certificate of bass. Check out the track and let’s hope for more coming by these two toghether in the future and why not maybe even follow in the footspteps of I Am Legion with a more extensive and ongoing collaboration? Continue reading »