Feb 272015

For those of you who enjoy your Drum & Bass big bad and well, black, we have an upcoming release to start the day with which should excite your ears just like it did ours. The Telekinisis new EP is coming on Black Sun Empire‘s very own Blackout Music on March 8th and the first tracks from the 5 track EP have gone public on Soundcloud, giving us a first taste of what the Slovenian duo’s new EP will sound like. And let us tell you that juddging by the two tracks we have heard already “Fight Club” EP is one to look forward to,especially  if you like super energised, high octane Drum & Bass. Classic “blackout” sound, production standard and overall quality once more by the Netherlands based label. Telekinetics and fans of blackness rejoice! Continue reading »

Feb 232015

For those following Metalectro on a regular basis, you must (or should be aware) of an exclusive preview/work in proggress track we posted last week for an upcoming SBCR (Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo) & Haezer collaboration. For those who didn’t know SBCR will be the personal project of Sir Bob, while The Bloody Beetroots will remain a rock influenced electronic live act. The truth is that we weren’t able to get much info about this rumoured collaboration between the two when we got in touch with Haezer about it but almost immediately after that a SBCR track went online on Dim Mak‘s Soundcloud, from the upcoming “SBCR & Friends” Vol. 1 compilation which will be out on the 17th of March. The said compilation with feature six collaborations with Razihel, Moon Bounce and Eliza Bee & His Majesty Andre. And this only came to pretty much confirm that Vol.02 of “SBCR & Friends” is probably already in the works, with Haezer being one of the collaborators Sir Bob has personally hand picked. So, here’s the track that went public a few days ago from the upcoming Vol.01, titled “The Grid”, for those curious to get a taste. Continue reading »

Feb 192015

For those of you keeping an eye on either of Black Tiger Sex Machine‘s or Astronaut‘s social media you have to be already aware that the two artists are collaborating on a new single and  just a couple of nights ago a video emerged teasing us with a snippet of their upcoming collaboration “Rockers”, which will drop on the Canadian trio’s imprint Kannibalen Records on March 3. Luckily enough, a better quality audio teaser has just now appeared on Soundcloud too, confirming what we could already tell from watching the video teaser uploaded on Black Tiger Sex Machine‘s Facebook page – that “Rockers” will rock some socks of. Some good Electro House to look forward to so check out this teaser and mark the date on your calendars! Continue reading »

Feb 182015

Haezer + SBCRHell-o all and we have some incoming big news for you, accompanied by even bigger questionmarks, expectations and hopes that this video that surfaced on Sir Bob’s and Haezer’s social media is actually a work in progress which will sooner or later reach our eardrums as a finished track. The fact remains that this short clip of a collaboration between SBCR and Haezer went public recently, teasing the hell out of the fans of both artists and lovers of hard Electronic music in general. From our side we tried to talk with Haezer a bit and get some more info about it although we weren’t able to get anything solid since it’s too early to know (or disclose) any details. What we managed to get out of our short chat though is confirmation that this clip is an actual collaboration of a hybrid Electro – Techno track the two of them are working on together and we can only hope there is more to follow and eventually a full track. Excited with the idea? We most certainly are!
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Feb 142015

Dope DODFor some of you it might be old news (or even ancient history) but with the Dope D.O.D. new “The Ugly” EP coming up and going already on presale on the trio’s online store we thought it could be of interest to some you bassheads to know that Black Sun Empire have also contributed in Dope D.O.D.‘s new release. Yes, you read that right, the Drum & Bass heavyweight trio is responsible for the deep, dark and heavy production of “Boiling Point” and if that’s not a promising combination of names then we don’t know what is. Of course don’t expect any classic Black Sun Empire Drum & Bass madness on “Boiling Point” but rather a Dope D.O.D. track with a Black Sun Empire certificate of bass. Check out the track and let’s hope for more coming by these two toghether in the future and why not maybe even follow in the footspteps of I Am Legion with a more extensive and ongoing collaboration? Continue reading »