Sep 232013

So, as promised and announced last week, we have a Metalectro Exclusive Free EP for you all and this one brings together a few names that you have seen and heard before here! One of your favorite raw thrash bass electro punk duos, Laforcah, join forces with an artist that constantly surprises us with his creativity, originality and really unique tracks and ideas, CrazyMT and together they came up with a new original collaboration track. “Ichnusa” is the track title and it turns out that these 2 artists really compliment each other with their pretty different styles and approach of music making. Laforcah‘s full blast power and earthshaking bass combined with CrazyMT‘s great talent for melodies and come together perfectly to create a really great original track. Add 3 remixes by FERD, Liberator and Dies Irae and “Ichnusa” is transformed to a pretty nice EP, which we are glad to make available for all of you to listen and grab! So, check it out and grab it!

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Sep 112013

Time to wrap things up and even though you are obviously aware of our loud return into full blogging mode and action we couldn’t neglect to make a loud statement and announcement regarding our return and waht better way to do so than with a new Metalectro MixTape? So, Metalectro MixTape vol.15 is here and with it we are screaming “We Are Back”! Back with a few good things going on behind the scenes for which you will all be informed soon enough and back with wild and loud intentions! So happy banging season to all and we hope you enjoy both this new mixtape as well as all the things we have planned and should be announcing pretty soon! So, summer is done and so are the vacations and relaxing times on the beach! Now it’s time to get serious and deliver some sonic mayhem, Metalectro style! A big thank you to Jet Set Trash for the exclusive unreleased tracks, Megastrom, Hypomaniacs and Tim Tonik for all the promos and of course to all of you for your constant support and love and have a great evening!

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Jun 032013

Last post of the day and here we are, welcoming the summer 2013 with a brand new and the 14th overall Metalectro MixTape! It’s been a while since i made a mixtape and even longer since i made a Metalectro MixTape specifically so i thought it was about time to get the “Electronic Death Machine” fuelled up and unleash it on the world, hoping to get some of you bouncing, headbanging, going crazy and causing some damage and mayhem, Metalectro style! So, here’s my EDM (Electronic Death Machine) featuring some great variety in terms of track selection and styles! New tracks, old tracks, exclusive tracks, big names, small names, you can pretty much expect anything in this one all put together in one 90 minute long free to download mixtape! A big thanks for the promos, demos, exclusives and of course to all Metalectro fans and supporters! I hope you enjoy this one as much as i did making it and as always… PLAY IT LOUD!!!

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Apr 162013

belzetortureLRLast post and another surprise coming, as i have a 24 hour exclusive preview of Belzebass‘ new EP “Under Torture”. So, those of you looking for some thrashing bass by one of Italy’s most established electro artists, here’s a chance to get a first taste and a listen to Belzebass‘ “Under Torture” EP before anyone else. Belzebass‘ new EP is out on the 22nd of April on Freakz Me Out and will feature 5 originals, 3 of them being collaborations with Justrock, No Color and Nitro. As for what you should expect from it, heavy distorted bass and raw trash power, like you would expect by the duo. Definitely a nice preview and an EP to look forward to, as Belzebass seem to be back on the filthy path they kind of strayed from with their last EP imo. Check this out and have a great evening!

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Mar 252013

Q.G. - Necronomicon [Free Remixes]_CoverLike i previously mentioned i was saving a free EP for last and for those of you who’ve been following the blog on a regular basis, you probably knew this was coming as we announced we’d be giving the 3 runners up remixes plus a 4th Metalectro pick from the Q.G. “Necronomicon” Remix Contest we ran last month with Dga Fau Records as a free remixes EP. In case you missed thatthough there is no reason to worry of feel left out since all you need to know is here as are the 4 remixes by The Dirty Squirrels, Laforcah, DJ NonEq and Macrowave. 4 remixes that could all have been among the winners since they all sound great imo. Still some had to be left out from the official “Necronomicon” EP release though. So check them all out, grab the full EP here and have a great evening!

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Feb 112013

Time to wrap things up and as most of you will have probably already seen by now, Metalectro Vol.03 “Hellbound” is out today and it was about time too since it’s been almost a year since Metalectro Vol.02 “Danger Zone”! We’re back though with Vol.03 and thanks to Jet Set Trash, Andy’s iLL, aUtOdiDakT, La Musique D’Ordinateur, Q.G. and Wasa3i we’re ready to raise hell once again! 13 original collaboration tracks between the artists mentioned above and Knooper, Dies Irae, Flesh, Oxylice, Laforcah, Leiden, Raging Raven, Beatbender, Hypomaniacs, Hijack Da Bass, Eris, Raupe and Patient Zero and i guess it’s safe to say this is one of the hardest releases 2013 has to offer! So, crank your speakers up, press play and mosh like there’s no tomorrow!

Feb 012013

Hell-o all and i hope you are having a great Friday so far! Well, it’s the last day of the working week anyway so even if it hasn’t been the best day so far for any of you, just be patient a few more hours, weekend is ahead and partying is due tonight so things will get better! Unfortunatelly due to partying reasons and a quite busy schedule day so far there won’t be anymore posts after this so i had to make it count and ensure it will make your day better, so what better than the preview of the Metalectro Vol.03 “Hellbound” Compilation and the minimix slaminA did for us!? “Hellbound will be out on February the 11th on Jet Set Trash featuring the 13 collaboration contest winning original tracks and in case any of you have missed any of those bangers, waste no more time and press play below!!!

01. Oxylice & Andys iLL & Wasa3i - The Forgotten
02. Dies Irae & aUtOdiDaKt & La Musique D'Ordinateur - The Children Of The Night
03. Beatbender & Andy's iLL & aUtOdiDaKt - Trilogy
04. Laforcah & aUtOdiDakT - Rot
05. Knooper & Wasa3i - Headbang
06. Eris & aUtOdiDaKt - Purgatory
07. Leiden & Q.G. - Saisalis
08. Hijack Da Bass & Andys iLL & aUtOdiDaKt - Threesome
09. Raging Raven & Wasa3i - Death Grip
10. Patient Zero & La Musique D'Ordinateur - Traitorous Bastards
11. Flesh & Q.G. - Nine Feet Under
12. Raupe & Q.G. - Rampage
13. Hypomaniacs & Q.G. - Nowhere Left To Hide
Jan 232013

As promised and announced sometime ago we were working on an exlclusive free original track for you, well to be precise Andy’s iLL was working on it really, we were just working on getting our hands on it, but in any case and for all those of you who were following the Metalectro Vol.03 “Hellbound” Original Track Contest and wondered what the tracks would have sounded like if produced by the same producers who provided the samples for the contest, here’s one very specific answer for you… The answer we have for you is titled “The Forgotten”, produced as a full version original track by Andy’s iLL himself and sounding like Andy thought it should! And since this is a special day for us (Jan 23 – Hellfire Day) we wanted to make sure this day won’t be forgotten easy and what could be a better ace up our sleeves than Andy’s iLL “The Forgotten” (Andy’s Original Mix)? A huge thanks to Andy and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Grab it and PLAY IT LOUD!!!

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Jan 232013

Hell-o all and today as some of you might know already is a special day on Metalectro (keep reading and you’ll know why), so we won’t be blogging as usual. Today it’s “Hellfire Day” and from now on the 23rd of January will be remembered and established as the official “Hellfire Day” every year on Metalectro! So, time for another mixtape, followed by a big exclusive freebie and this is a special one as it was made to celebrate a special occassion and say thank you to someone very special to both me & Metalectro! It’s been 1 year since Hannakiri Hellectro joined me on Metalectro and this is a “thank you” tribute mixtape to her for all the great music, the tireless effort and endless time she has put in making Metalectro bigger and better and for all the times (good and bad) we had… So, a huge thank you for the great year and keep rocking girl!!! <3 + _,,/

Most of the tracks on this mixtape have been discovered and blogged by Hannakiri Hellectro and the few that weren’t are tracks i know she’d like to hear being played at her party, so here they are and i hope you all enjoy them as much as she does!!!

Track list:
01. Citizen Cope - Lifeline (Figure Remix) 
02. Midnight Conspiracy & Cenob1te - The Eye 
03. Teki Latex - Dinosaurs With Guns (Torpen Remix) 
04. Mustard Pimp feat. Alec Empire - Catch Me (Access Denied Remix) 
05. Betatraxx - Drug Abuse (Dave Scorp Remix) 
06. Owl Vision - Fuck My Life 
07. Robert Wagner - La Chevauchée Des Walkyries (FetOo Remix) 
08. Dj Antention - Drago (Hypomaniacs Remix) 
09. Medusa In My Knickers - The Pig 
10. Determinators feat. Circe - A Byte Of The New Ultra (Tim Tonik Remix) 
11. Adam Freeland - Morning Sun (Jackiroqs Remix) 
12. Hack The System - Faithless 
13. Beef Theatre vs. Pelussje - U make me wanna F.T.S. (Rubber Spanner Mash Up) 
14. aUtOdiDakT - Boredom 
15. Lets Be Friends - Manslaughter 
16. Atari Teenage Riot - Collapse Of History (Christine Remix) 
17. Flux Capacitor - Rhetorica

That’s all folks, enjoy the mixtape, drop by the page or Hannakiri Hellectro profile for a happy bday wish and as always… PLAY IT LOUD!!!

Jan 062013

newyearsevilComing to the end of our “Top Free Originals” retrospective with this last post, i hope you liked and enjoyed the tracks we picked, although there are of course still many, many good ones out there that haven´t been featured again – either as we couldn´t agree to re-feature them or as a few really good tracks aren´t available on Soundcloud anymore, concerning the latter our hands have been tied sadly. Anyway, besides the effort of checking tunes for hours much fun was had, memories have been awakened and some almost forgotten tracks have been rediscovered! We are going to give you more of our retrospective the next days, for the time being crank your speakers up again in order to check these last “Top Free Originals”, which are tunes by Les Strobelights, NaDaDrop, Krass´, Raupe, Macrowave and Eby Le Beatz – ENJOY!!!

Les Strobelights – Remedy [Freebie]

NaDaDrop – Happy Krew Is Back

Krass´ – Stress, Worries, Dizziness

Raupe – Prelude

Macrowave – Neurogenesis

Eby Le Beatz – Hot In The City