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Apr 092013

Third post of the day already and yet another new EP coming your way but this time it’s a free one and not an official release! Croma reurns on Metalectro with a new 3 original track EP and i have to say i quite enjoyed this one. Heavy and dirty enough but never brutal extremely trashy, the Spanish producer might not be one of the masters of brutality but he seems to be getting heavier with each new track he produces. “The Abyss”, which is the title of Croma‘s new Free EP has certainly got more than heavy bass to offer though. It also has its own style and character, something that Croma has been developing since his previous free EPs. Of course, as is almost always the case, there is still room for improvement production and sound-wise but “The Abyss” is certainly a free EP to check out.

Dec 032012

I’ll keep the new EPs coming for now but this next one is a freebie. The 1st of the day and since i’m not sure if any more will follow let’s make it a good one by going for a full 5 original track free EP! In case any of you aren’t aware of it, Croma is one half of the Decepticons who aren’t producing as a duo anymore. So, since this is a fresh start for the Spanish producer he decided to make it a generous one by giving away his “The Beat Strikes Back” EP as a free donwload. Certainly not as hard or heavy as some other tracks and releases you’ve been listening to on here but overall a pretty nice EP and freebie from Croma. Check it out and grab it even if though no download link for the full EP is given, so you have to grab each track individually!

Sep 102012

Going on with another freebie and some fresh blood! Although this name has more or less already been featured here before, as Croma from Spain is one half of Decepticons that just splitted up a few weeks ago. Good to know and to hear though that it´ll go on music-wise and since this tune named “Bourdeaux” is a pretty nice one as well, i strongly recommend you to check it out and don´t forget to snatch this goodie!!!